Valve Automation and Control

Ball and Butterfly valve automation is pervasive in most process applications from industrial plastics to Bronze, Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel materials.  Applications for Boiler and Cooling Tower Blowdown as well as Tank Fill or Empty applications are very common. Whatever your control valve application from ON/OFF actuation to modulation with feedback indication let us help you today.

Featuring Bonomi Electric Actuation...

Bonomi’s Series 86 Electric Actuator line is unique as it offers not only 90 degree rotation but also can be configured to operate 180 degrees– opening up the possibilities for 3 way and multiport flow configuration. The Bonomi actuator not only provides feedback switch capability but also an alarm switch for actuator default notification. The Bonomi Electric Actuator can be a great tool for valve verification cycling sending info back to SCADA, DCCS, or even standalone PLC’s or networking controllers.

EasyTork Pneumatic Actuation

EasyTork is raising the bar when it comes to pneumatic actuation, especially springless failsafe operation. Unlike traditional rack and pinion actuators that convert linear motion to rotary motion in providing torque, Easytork uses true rotary motion in its vane cycling operation.  Check out why EasyTork received the 2017 New Product Innovation from Frost and Sullivan and has been featured in Valve World Magazine.

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