Valley Valves and Pumps offers a wide assortment of industrial valves from industrial plastic valves to carbon and stainless to exotic alloys. Ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, diaphragm valves, check valves, globe valves are some of the more common valves used in the marketplace, however, there is a wide arrangement of valve styles and configurations in various materials be they PVC or PVDF or Stainless or Forged Carbon Steel.

If you need a valve quote you have come to the right place. With almost 30 years experience in promoting valves to the marketplace we can support you with the proper valve for your application such as:

  • Thermoplastic Valves in PVC
    • PolyPro
    • PVDF from Asahi
    • Hayward
    • Plastomatic
    • RK
    • And so much more…
  • Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel, Valves from Tru-Flo, Sharp Valve, and J-Flow.
  • We also offer Bronze & Iron quarter-turn and multi-turn valves.
  • Specialty Valves such as steam traps, steam regulators, steam relief, air vents, etc.
  • for steam applications from Armstrong, Bonney, Kunkle, Spence, Trerice, etc.
  • Specialty Valves for Sanitary 3A applications such as Tri-Clamp Ball, Check, Butterfly Valves and Air Operated Control Valves for your food and beverage applications.
  • Specialty Valves for chemical applications such as corrosion resistant PVDF or Teflon Lined Valves and exotic alloy valves like F22, and Hastalloy C.