Valley Valves now offers Water Treatment Equipment such as metering pumps, analytical sensors, controllers, contacting flow meters, double containment tanks, and so much more, as individual components or as a complete system to help with your water treatment applications.

From basic sodium hypochlorite feed application with a contacting flow meter sending a pulse signal to a metering pump to and advance multi-input web-enabled disinfection system we can support you the Walchem line of metering pumps and controllers.

  • Need to reduce pH of irrigation water?
  • Need condenser/cooling tower water treatment?
  • Need to treat flume/tank water to disinfect wash water using pH/ORP/Free Chlorine?

We support industry with:

  • Analytical sensors for:  pH, ORP, Free Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Conductivity, O2, Walchem Controllers for Boilers, Cooling Towers, pH Control, Flume wash, Fertigation,etc.
  • Metering Pumps from Walchem, Grundfos, Pulsafeeder
  • Flowmeters from Seametric, GF/Signet, Kobold, etc.
  • Double Containment tanks, blowdown valves, coupon racks, injection valves, foot valves, etc.


When it comes to filtration–liquid or gas– Valley Valves and Pumps provide solutions. For your liquid applications we offer Centrifugal Separators, Disc and Screen Filters, Bag Filters, Sand and Media Filters plus much more. We can work with you to evaluate your application and offer you solutions.

Check out Miller Leaman’s family of filters ( especially the innovative disc filters that offers “depth filtration” as well as single wall screen filtration.

In addition, for your Compressed Air Filtration requirements we offer Mist Eliminizers, Dessicant Filtration, Coalescing Filters, Point of Use Filtration from recognized names as Pneumatech and United Filtration among others. ​