Welcome to our new website. I hope you gain some value into what we do and perhaps have a better understanding of some of our key product offerings.

In our improved website we hope to present some key product lines that help us differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Yes, competition is fierce and standing toe-to-toe with many of our competitors may not make good business sense. I’m always asking myself how can we compete against the giant’s when their economies of scale dwarf us; when their armies of salesmen are omni-present; when that magical force of “habit” drives customers to their doors like salmon instinctively swimming up river to spawn despite all obstacles.

Yeah, the metaphor does not really work, as in reality not every year but every day our customers and prospects end up at our competitors; and, unlike salmon our they do not die but repeat the cycle every day. I admit, this is our fault.  We need to do our best to change our customer’s habits with better service, better products, better communication, …better…better, better. You get the idea.

This website is just the beginning in our attempt “to do better”. I hope the featured products offer some value to you. I believe we are making some inroads with key product groups. Products like Forbo Modular Belting, Hyundai Electric Motors, Bonomi & Easytork Valve Actuation, Walchem Metering Pumps and Analytical Sensors and Controllers, Instrumentation and Control products are helping define Valley Valves and Pumps.

Yes, we have a long way to go. Thank you for being a customer! Thank you for inquiring and giving us a chance to prove our value amongst the onslaught of companies knocking on your door.

In a few months I would hope to inform you about other improvements that provide real value to you, our customer and potential customer. Thank you!